Wave Borne (back) & Sea Dreams (distant)

 photo ©1989 by Michael Jhon

The Mermaids at the Mirage

© 1989 Arlin Robins

Some pieces come about because you love the subject. These mermaids were born of the unusual combination of emotional expression, material constraints and happenstance.

In the summer of 1986, I decided to experiment with earth-clays as a sculpting material. I knew the structural qualities were more limiting especially if I chose to work without an armature. I wanted to work without armature so that I could fire the clay. For my first efforts I considered subjects that were not as structurally challenging as my usual designs.

I love water and the creatures of myth and fantasy. I decided to create a mermaid cresting a wave, expressing the bliss and joy of free, exhilarating motion.

Wave Rider successfully conveyed my intent and was the inspiration for more finely detailed and proportioned maquettes and large bronzes that I created in 1989 for the Mirage Resort Casino in Las Vegas.


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