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Arlin Robins

An accomplished artist, Arlin's creations have captured the interest of private collectors across the United States. Her life-sized bronzes grace the foyer of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, one of the world's finest resorts, and the Sheraton Hotel, in beautiful Caribbean St Marten.


A Graduate of the renowned School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Arlin has won numerous awards for her work, including the Chesley Award for fantasy in three dimensions. Her table-size, free standing sculptures, in editions of 5 - 75, are cast in bronze, while her smaller works are done primarily in silver, gold, pewter. Themes include horses in motion, wildlife and people, as well as mythical and fantasy subjects.
Arlin Robins is also an experienced computer artist. Having worked in the computer games industry for the last nine years, Arlin has skills with Photoshop, Deluxe Animate, DeBabelizer, Quark Xpress, PageMaker, MS Word, Excel, 3DHome and is learning HTML and some 3D rendering. She has created animations, backgrounds and textures for a number of different game platforms, as well as online chat and game environments. Her computer expertise also encompasses photograph re-touching, advertising and publication graphics.

For more information about Arlin Robins' career, you can view her Computer & Graphics Resume or her Fine Arts Resume. For even more information about Arlin Robins, you can view her personal page.
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