Sea Dreams & Wave Dancer

Mermaid Pair

Wave Dancers at the Mirage

River's Daughter Fountain


Wave Dancers
Trio of Itchy Foals
Wreathed in Roses
Trumpeting Flight

Selected Bronzes

Special Offering : Aug.2006 thru Sept 30, 2006:

New release - River's Daughter maquette.

When creating a piece that will be produced in bronze, I usually work in wax or plasteline clay. Occasionally, I work in wood or ceramic clays, and recently, I've found tremendous advantages in using epoxy clay for very smooth surfaces or fine details, like feathers. Whatever material is used, the finished sculpture is molded in latex, silicone or urethane and the mold is filled with wax for the lost wax casting process. Please click on the above images to view each sculpture in finer detail.

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