The Corset

© 1998 by Arlin Robins

I sculpted The Corset in the brown microcrystaline wax used by most sculptors. It is maleable enough to allow for shaping and re-shaping the musculature. It also took every fingerprint! This beautiful polyester resin, called Lumicast™, shows all those details, wanted and otherwise. So I had a mold made, poured a very hard wax, and completely re-surfaced the piece. That is the one that went up to Tom Banwell Designs to be molded once again, and cast for production.

photos © 1998 by Michael Jhon
You see here the black corset. I also offer her with white gloves and corset, which has a very delicate, feminine quality, and soon, in a bronze plated version.
Above: Toffee figure with the black corset customized with studs and the red corset


To the side is the black corset shown on the Alabaster (left) and on the Blush (right) torso

And below, the white corset on the Alabaster and Blush skin tones.

This sculpture is offered in 3 skin tones: Alabaster, Blush, and Toffee,
and 3 corset colors: Black, White, and Red.

The 6 figures pictured here are the best combinations.

The studs or different ribbon color, or, for that matter, a painted fabric or animal print design on the corset and/or gloves is possible, but I'll be adding a fee for that type of customizing.

Actually, I'm having fun with the custom designs, and Michael is coming up with some very silly ideas. Watch this page for photos of the one-of-a-kinds...

Fun, eh!

Not counting customizing, the Corset is available for $395.00 plus tax and shipping. S & H runs around $10, and tax applies for California residents.
I have a limited number at the studio and can produce some before the holidays, if notified quickly.

If you would like to purchase one, please contact me at


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