Dragons... A selection of jewelry and art presently available.  

The Heart Serpent is one of my oldest and favorite designs. Completely 3 dimensional, his body coils around the chain or cord, and his head sweeps back to resemble a subtle heart. Sometimes, I set a stone or a pearl in the loop of his tail. In sterling silver (left) or bronze (below). $138. With a stone set, the price varies, but starts around $160.

    The Dragon Skull is available in Sterling - $65 and in Pewter - $25. I often have this in bronze as well. This is a moving, 2 part pendant with a hinged jaw.
Below is a little dragon I designed for the Workshop of Norman Greene, who sells at many of the Renaissance Faires across the country. I do not often have this in my own stock, but did for the holiday sales. The stone is a beautiful red jasper. $35.
  The Petit Dragon was originally designed for a ring, but I loved her so much, I re-designed her to hang as a pendant. I have a number of castings just now, in sterling and in bronze, so you can pick your metal and your stone choice. $33 - $38, depending on stones.
    Stones available include:  
  $33 - paua shell, black onyx, rose quartz, blood agate, and tiger's eye
$35 - jade, carnelian
$38 - amethyst, garnet, lapis, moonstone (I have a couple of beautiful salmon colored moonstones, just now, too.)

The Lapis Dragon is an original. I have no mold on it so it will always be a one-of-a-kind. There are 2 Lapis, and a ruby eye. It is sterling silver and hangs on a necklace of fresh water pearls, lapis, silver, and blue glass beads. $750.


The Sun Dragon is a resin cast bronze, and is intended as a wall plaque. This is the only piece not shown actual size... the plaque is approximately 11 3/4 inches diameter. The final piece is given a blue-green patina. $98.00 One available presently, as well as one with a mahogany finish and a couple of subtle flaws, discounted to $70.00

  I have 5 ring designs with dragons, and about 7 other large pendant designs, mostly created for large stones. None of these are available in time for the 1999 holiday season, but, as they become available, I'll post them here.
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