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The pages of this portfolio show a sample of my work. Some works were commissioned, some produced under contract, and some were created for my own line of designs. All of the background textures, buttons, and graphics are of my own creation, except where noted. If any aspect of this body tempts your curiousity, you are welcome to contact me by email at

I won't be showing at an Open Studio this season, as I have the pleasure to be participating in -

Every Weekend from Nov.24 (yes, Friday)
'til Dec. 23!

It's a delightful show, with lots to interest children as well as adults. Please stop by the Salon des Artistes and say hello.

Please note: many images make for slow loading. Please be patient. Thanks.

This online portfolio was entirely designed and created on macromedia's Dreamweaver 2 by Arlin Robins. Background textures were created by Arlin in Adobe Photoshop. Special thanks to Sarah Goodman for patience, technical help and advice, Meriday Beth Komor for consultation and encouragement and Marianne Harper for technical help.
All images © 1983 -1999 Arlin Robins Designs. Portions copyright by Captivation Digital Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved.

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