The River's Daughter

© 1991 by Arlin Robins

River's Daughter

© 1991 Arlin Robins

River's Daughter, at 5'8", is the largest sculpture, and the first fountain, I've created. I designed her so that the falling water creates the illusion that she is rising from the water's surface. The clinging fabric of her garments is embossed with turtles, fish, lotus, lily pads, and a variety of water birds. The water that drips from the series of outlets on the tops of her arms and her hair creates liquid music.

The picture above is digitally reworked from a photo a fiberglass casting. A mold is at the foundry, filled with wax and waiting for the funding to cast in bronze.

. New as of August, 2006 - I now can offer you a table sized figure of River's Daughter!

photo © 1991 by Michael Jhon

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