Here is a small sample of my jewelry designs.

My jewelry ranges from plant and animal subjects, to fantasy and mythological creatures, to historical recreations, to pure abstracts.

I produce jewelry in gold, silver, bronze and pewter, and have created designs for other jewelers as well as my own line. I will be presenting a more extensive showing of jewelry in the gallery web site soon.

All designs
©Arlin Robins Designs

My jewelry is produced by lost wax casting, allowing me to apply my expertise in wax carving. Although I've studied casting, soldering, fabrication, milling, and even a touch of enameling, the manipulation of wax and clay is where I sparkle. I work with over a dozen different waxes, each with its own properties and advantages. When the wax original is complete, I bring it to my jewelry foundry, Sierra Pacific Casting in San Francisco. They cast an original that I grind and polish; then mold it in my studio or send the piece back to Sierra Pacific for molding. These molds are called our production molds, and we can inject wax into the molds to produce a number of parts for casting at a time. Most of the jewelry molds are made of vulcanized rubber, which is durable and takes the detail well.

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