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My work is so intimately connected to my self definition that you must first look to know me.

I was born and raised in the Chicago area, earned my bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at the Art Institute of Chicago, and have since been living in northern California, near San Francisco.

Although I dislike competition, I have been honored on a few occasions for my work, including the 1990 Chesley and an invitation to create the 1993 Hugo Award, as well as a semester scholarship to the SF Academy of Art College.


In pursuit of my career as an artist, I sketch, paint, photograph, and observe from life, sculpt in clay and wax, create jewelry, small sculptures and tableware for other venders as well as my own line of designs.

I do graphic design and work with printers. I create digital animations, textures and maps for computer games and demos. I consult with other artists and with private clients. One of my favorite types of projects is to work with architects or interior designers on the design and creation of large sculptural installations. I've also a desire to work with landscape architects on water features. They say variety is the spice of life...

For self-nourishment, I walk my dog, love my friends and family, appreciate and support other artists, foster orphan kittens, cook and bake, eat chocolate, dance, watch television, listen to music, fix my house, read, visit the zoo, make and wear historical costumes, sometimes while dancing and eating chocolate, or while at fairs, selling my work. I try to be a good listener, but that is truly a high art. And I am now just beginning to take a more active interest in the planning and decision-making process of my city.


The strongest support of my career as an artist comes from my husband, Michael Jhon, whose photography is even more wonderful than the folio shots you've seen on this site. Michael, a fine artist himself, has a good eye and enough faith in my ability that he is a very demanding critic. He also has a bizarre sense of humor, so he keeps me laughing. Michael and I share our home with a great dog of indeterminate heritage, two cats, a couple of aquariums of fish, and, of course, a varying number of foster kittens.
I will soon have a website that includes images of more of my work, with a section devoted to Michael's photography. You will be able to purchase some of my jewelry and sculpture there, and a select group of prints. You are welcome to contact me with questions or comments at sculptor@arlinart.com
I had to show you Michael's "pet". Her name is Tinkerbelle, and she's a '61 plus four Morgan.
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