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  Resin Castings  

To create for a final product in resin, I basicly do the same things with the same materials as for bronzes, with the exception that I must consider some of the restrictions inherent in casting plastics that are not important considerations with casting molten metals. The resin doesn't flow as easily or for as long as bronze, and bubbles are easily trapped. Also, it doesn't have the structural abilities of bronze (check out Trumpeting Flight) And, since I'm creating in resin to make some of my pieces more affordable, I need to create pieces that will be easier to cast and finish, since the labor is often the most expensive cost. There are other considerations, too, but you get the idea.

This doesn't make resin undesirable, only more challenging.

Whatever the material and design constraints, the finished sculpture is molded in latex, silicone or urethane and the mold is filled with wax for the lost wax casting process. Please click on the above images to view each sculpture in finer detail.

My resin pieces are all cast at Tom Banwell Designs. Tom, an excellent sculptor who works mostly in the doll genre, has perfected not only the art and science of working with these polymers and polyurethanes, but also a number of very effective finishes. It was his inspiration to create "Foster Kittens" in an ivory-like material, and "The Corset" with the pale alabaster polymer, Lumicast™.

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