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One of my favorite recent projects was to create surface textures for the technical demo of Sega's new platform, Dreamcast. I was a contractor for Captivation Digital Laboratories, Inc. in El Granada,CA (One of my all-time favorite teams with which to work.)
Betty Cunningham, the art director, was so good at describing what she wanted that many of these textures were used from the first attempt, and the others needed minor changes. All of the room geometry was created in-house by Betty, Beckett Gladney and Taunya Schiffer. And Betty had her team (including Scott Jenkins in LA) create interior objects and animating objects, but most of my work on the textures was done in my own studio, 50 miles away, and FTP'd to the company.
This platform allows for a high resolution and some wonderful effects, like being able to see through the geometry, as long as the texture has transparency or transparent sections like the lace curtain. You can move so close to the wall that you're cross-eyed, and not be able to see the pixels! I enjoyed all the work, from the see-through lace curtain to the fuzzy carpets to the watermelon.
Captivation also used my texture work for Sega's internet game, HEAT, and for a demo program to show off 3Dfx's newest graphics excellerator. I worked as part of the concept team for the 3Dfx project as well as being one of the texture artists. My texture page shows a selection of the texture maps for those projects.
Betty Cunningham, who is mentioned above, was not only my art director on this and other projects, she was also a valued friend and respected artist. The art community lost a marvelous talent when she died unexpectedly in September, 2000.
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