This rug was designed for the bedroom in a Dreamcast demo produced by Captivation. I began with a design from an actual Victorian Rug, and created the art in the upper left corner. The changes to the other samples were accomplished almost entirely with Photoshop filters, until I achieved the ruglike texture we wanted. The upper right image is the border pattern.

One of the nice things about designing for this new platform is the artist's or programmer's ability to flip a texture horizontally and vertically while "papering" a model. This allows us to use one quarter of an image (or, as in this case, even less).

The image to the side is reduced in resolution, so some of the rug-like texture is lost here.


Here's another carpet design from the demo. Since I am very detail oriented, one of the most difficult aspects of this assignment was to appropriately "soften" the image to look like an actual carpet. (I knew my experience restoring oriental carpets would come in handy. )
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